Understand Your Fake Rolex Watches And Learn How They Work

fake rolex watches

fake rolex watches

Either if you’re planning to buy fake Rolex watches or you already own one, it’s important to understand how they work to make sure you use them properly. Read this Rolex replica guide and learn how to handle your replica watch like a pro!

The crown is the main dial or knob on your watch. It is the biggest and the center one to the right and it is used to set and wind your watch.

Rolex replica Watch Crown

Rolex replica Watch Crown


The crown has 4 positions and each of them has a specific purpose:

Position 1: Closed– When you receive your replica Rolex watch the crown will be in the closed position. Once you have opened the crown you need to press the crown inwards and turn it clockwise to screw it back into the closed position. It is always advisable to keep the crown tightly closed when you are not adjusting the date or time.

Position 2: Winding– Starting with the watch in the closed position, if you turn the crown counter-clockwise the knob will unscrew, and once unscrewed it will pop out. This initial position is for winding. Always wind in a clockwise direction (away from your body). Be careful, winding counter clockwise can damage your watch!

Position 3: Date– Starting with the crown in position 2 gently nudge the dial outwards by pulling with your thumb and forefinger. It is important to note that pulling it all the way out will move it to position 4. You need to find the sweet spot between position 2 and 4 to change the date. If your watch does not display the date there will be no position 3. When the crown is in the date position it is very important that you do not force it counter clockwise.

Position 4: Time– Starting from either position 2 or 3, with your thumb and forefinger pull the crown out until it stops. From this final position you can change the time. Always move the crown in a clockwise direction because moving the dial counter clockwise can damage the mechanism.

The fake Rolex watches at PurseValley are high-quality replicas that are durable and well-manufactured. Our purpose is to keep you informed and we are always here to help in case you have any other questions!

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