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Biao.org.uk Home Page

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Originally introduced in 1953, the Explorer has become one of Rolex’s most iconic models and a cornerstone offering in their catalog. Although it does not possess any features or complications specifically tailored to one sport or activity, the Explorer was designed to handle any conditions its owner might face, and is considered by many collectors to be Rolex’s original sport replica watch.

Over the course of its incredibly long production history, the Explorer line has stayed very true to its roots from an aesthetic standpoint. However, it has seen subtle updates and additions throughout the years that have helped the Explorer keep up with modern times and improve upon its already legendary accuracy and reliability.

The Explorer Reference 214270 is a replica watch that can survive the toughest elements.

The Explorer Reference 214270 at Baselworld 2010
Originally introduced in 2010, the reference 214270 Explorer saw a 3 mm increase in size to a 39 mm case diameter, while still offering users 100 meters of water resistance. Additionally, the caliber 3132 movement inside has been fitted with Paraflex shock absorbers to provide a greater level of resistance to harmful bumps and impacts.

While it was introduced in 2010, the reference 214270 Explorer saw a minor revision in 2016, although Rolex did not issue it a new reference number to accompany the change. Nothing was altered in regards to the Explorer’s movement, case, or bracelet, however the 2016 release of the reference 214270 Explorer did receive a slightly revised dial and set of hands.

Take the Fake Explorer Reference 214270 out on a drive, or around the world. Your pick.

The dial update, while subtle, can be considered an overall improvement. Rather than plain, white gold markers, the iconic Arabic numerals of the Explorer at the 3, 6, and 9 locations are now filled with luminous paint to give the watch a more balanced appearance in low-light settings.

The revised set of hands has been made slightly larger to match the reference 214270 Explorer’s new, larger 39 mm case diameter. Although the increase in size is relatively minor, the overall effect is a more refined and proportional appearance. Despite their cosmetic impact, the dial and handset revision did not bring about a new reference number, and the reference 214270 Explorer remains in production today.

Designing the Explorer Reference 214270
From a design standpoint, the Rolex Explorer Replica has always adhered to a minimalist philosophy of the bare essentials – perfectly executed – with no extraneous features existing anywhere on the watch. There are no dial color or bracelet options, no day or date complications, and certainly no precious metal variants available for the Explorer.

The reference 214270 Explorer is very much the contemporary equivalent of the first Explorer watch that Rolex released well over half a century ago. Although the design has been refined and updated throughout the years, and the movement upgraded as better technologies and materials have become available; at its heart, the reference 214270 Rolex Explorer is still very much the same watch that Rolex envisioned when they first released the Explorer line all those years ago.

While it may appear simple, this replica watch has many intricacies.

Since the reference 214270 Explorer is craft from stainless steel and does not have any highly specialized complications such as the annual calendar from the Sky-Dweller, or the adjustable countdown timer from the Yacht-Master II, it is one of the easiest Rolex watches for counterfeiters to replicate. While counterfeiters are getting increasingly better at replicating the fine details of Rolex’s designs, all of the normal rules for spotting a fake still apply to the reference 214270.

When trying to ascertain the authenticity of a Rolex Explorer, always examine the print on the dial, the reference/serial number engravings, the bracelet (and its accompanying markings), the quality of the hands, and (if possible) the movement. Although there is no end-all rule for identifying a counterfeit reference 214270 Explorer, a genuine example should feel like a multi-thousand dollar luxury timepiece built by the legendary Rolex brand.

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The Best way to get the Explorer Reference 214270
Since the reference 214270 is the latest incarnation of Rolex’s Explorer Replica, it can still be purchased brand-new with factory warranties from authorized dealers. Additionally, since the reference 214270 has been on the market since 2010, used examples can be found on the pre-owned market at discounted prices. Much like any other stainless steel Rolex, the difference between brand-new and pre-owned prices for the reference 214270 will be far less dramatic than what one would observe when comparing Rolex watches craft from solid gold or platinum; however the savings is significant nonetheless.

The reference 214270 Explorer is certainly not Rolex’s most flashy, expensive, or feature-rich offering; however it is probably the watch that has stayed most true to its original design and specifications. For over sixty years, Rolex’s Explorer has represented their classic sports watch offering, providing users with robust build quality, a highly legible dial, and a rock-solid self-winding movement. Although it has never received as much attention as the Submariner, Daytona, or GMT-Master, the Explorer is a true classic; and the reference 214270 can be seen as Rolex’s most recent interpretation of their very first sports watch.

Replica Submariner watches

High end luxury replica watches represent a worthy alternative to the ultra-expensive premium watches released by renowned Swiss watch makers. Iconic companies like Rolex are known for using premium materials such as gold or diamonds when manufacturing their products.Replica Submariner watches have become one of the greatest hits this summer. So, you shouldn’t waste any time in getting in on the trend. Have your very own Rolex Submariner replica Swiss Grade 1 watch. It’s important to seek only the highest quality replica watches on the market. It wouldn’t be a deal to end up with an obvious knock-off that is nothing like the prestigious, luxurious originals they are modeled after. If you get your replica Submariner watches from the right place, however, you’ll be getting the deal of a lifetime. Gorgeous luxury watches with precision time telling features, with the bonus of authentic branding to back your watch up with the high-end Rolex name, at an affordable price.

Rolex Submariner Blue Gold replica watch

Where Can You Get High-Quality Replica Watches?A lot of places online will claim to be selling Rolex Submariner replica Swiss Grade 1 watches, the best of the best, but you have to take these claims with a grain salt. While the technology to create incredibly high-quality replicas does exist and is bringing these luxury-grade watches into the hands of the public so that the working class can have a taste of the finer things, many sellers may try to take shortcuts to cut back on costs which make the quality of the watches suffer. It’s best to do your research to find reputable replica watch sites before making a purchase you’ll regret.So, to get the best Rolex Submariner replica watches on the market to ensure what you’re getting is a true Rolex Submariner replica Swiss Grade 1 watch, which is indistinguishable from the originals, find a few reputable replica watch sites you can trust and browse their incredible selection of replica watches. The following Rolex Submariner Blue Gold replica and Rolex Submariner Green Bezel replica are incredible examples of the exemplary craftsmanship and quality you can expect from the best Rolex Submariner replica watches this summer.

But high end luxury replica watches also take advantage of superior materials. Our gold high quality fake watches collection provides excellent proof of that.Here at Perfect Watches we deliver some of the highest quality watches you can hope to find online and here are five gold models available for purchase that are relevant for the topic.

This Rolex Submariner Blue Gold replica watch is one of the finest replica Submariner watches you will find. The gorgeous golden bezel features intricate detailing work, creating an ornate pattern that gives off a fine regal air. This pattern is along the center ring of the of the matching golden bracelet and the two exterior rings. And you will find a strand of skull and crossbones imprints on the center of the bracelet. This is one of the special key features of the Rolex Submariner Blue Gold replica. Therefore the combination of elegant filigree and cool contemporary skulls helps this collection of replica Submariner watches fit into the wardrobe of the modern classy man.

The watch features 18k rose-gold. It also rocks a beautiful link bracelet with Omega and logo inscribed polished stainless steel push-release clasp. It’s available as part of our copy watches for men collection.These replica Submariner watches combine the extraordinary golden band with a deep blue display. And add a wonderful contrast to the entire piece and a splash of color that will make your wrist pop. The people around you won’t be able to help but take notice of your best Rolex Submariner replica. And admire your choice of luxury watches.

Swiss Rolex Submariner Green Bezel Replica

This second of the luxury replica Submariner watches from Rolex is the Rolex Submariner Green Bezel replica. The polished stainless steel bracelet with an inner 18k yellow gold band has a far more sleek and modern look than the previous ornate bracelet. The Rolex logo is into the deployment clasp and on the crown. As well is present on the authenticity sticker on the back and on the face of the display. With a brand like Rolex, it is important to make everyone aware of its presence. And its presence truly does draw in the people in the room. These replica Submariner watches on display here do just that.

The main feature of the Rolex Submariner Green Bezel replica is found in its name – its rich forest green bezel. Along with the display, this striking shade of green is a handsome eye-catcher. Color coordinate your outfit around this stunning timepiece. You’ll be the center of attention at any business meeting, fundraising event, family reunion or other high-importance social outing. So, be confident by wearing the expertly crafted timepiece that looks identical to the real deal.


You can have a complete gold high end luxury replica watches list, without including a Rolex. You’re guaranteed to catch all the attention with this blingy Day-Date model.All our luxury replica watches Rolex are made to last and the same goes for this particular model. It’s made from a damage resistant stainless steel metal alloy.
Gold-plated watches like this Day-Date are then further coated with gold and a protective layer for more resistance. This insures that their color will not turn or fade with time and use. However, you need to be careful so the gold coating won’t get scratches.