Rolex Sky Dweller Watch Review

Fake Rolex Sky Dweller Watch

Fake Rolex Sky Dweller Watch

One of the big releases from Rolex in 2012 was the release of the Rolex Sky Dweller replica watch. This prestigious looking time piece is clearly a work that received a lot of attention and finishing giving it the solid top quality look that one would expect from the Rolex brand.

The high points of the Rolex Sky Dweller fake watches review include that it has dual time zones and an annual calendar.

With the annual calendar feature, the Rolex Sky Dweller can indicate the number of days in each month. Apart from leap years, there will actually be no need to advance the date even for months with less than 31 days. The present month is cleverly made visible by an opening at the marker for each hour.

The dual time zone feature of the Rolex replica Sky Dweller is a functional way to tell time for two different zones. There is an inner 24 hour wheel displayed a bit off the center. The wheel displays time in the home time zone, while the main handset displays time based on the local time zone. A man travelling from one location to another can thus set the dual time zones so as to be able to tell time in both zones accurately and at the same time. Setting the time for inner 24 hour wheel is simple and fast making it easy to use.

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  1. It is nicely made but just not for me, even though I do like Rolex. they make a great watch for the price but here I more like Breitling.

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