Rolex Replica Air King Video Review

Today I’ll be doing a Rolex replica Air King video review and we’ll be taking a look at one of the more modest Rolex timepieces. The replica Rolex Air King is a simple enough watch and what that means is that you can expect a very high level of replication and easily pass it off as an original. This is something that should be desired in a fake Rolex Air King review.

The Rolex Replica Air King Ref 116900

Let’s jump right in and start the replica Rolex Air King watch review.Rolex-Air-King-Replica-Watch-Review-Bottom-Detail-768x484


This replica Rolex Air King watch is not a watch that is packed full of features that you would have expected to see on a replica Rolex Air King watch video review. The reason why it is special is in its simplicity. It’s not often you find luxury replica watches that do not have features like chronographs, barometers, compasses or even a date window. At the very least you would expect a watch like this to be made of precious metal like gold or silver. Fake Rolex Air King watches usually have a hard time replicating the specifications found on the original but not this time. This joy of owning this watch is precisely the fact that you can claim it is an original without anyone ever doubting you.

Now that you have an idea what this watch is missing, let’s go into the replica Air King video review proper so you can see what it does have going for it.

First off in this Rolex Airking video review, I must say this watch is stainless steel all over. Asides from the black dial, the white numerals on the hour marks (although the 3, 6 and 9 hour marks are silver colored) the white hour and minute hands and a green colored second hand, everything else on the watch is silver colored.

The crown is stainless steel and has the Rolex logo embossed on it. The bezel is also stainless steel and is pretty plain and free of any kind of tachymetric markings. The bracelet and the back are both highly polished stainless steel.Rolex-Air-King-Replica-Watch-Review-Crown-768x485

Now to the part of the replica Air King video review where I talk about the movement. The original Rolex has a caliber 3131 self-winding mechanical movement that has been exclusively designed and deployed by Rolex and is said to have a power reserve that can last up to 48 hours. This replica, however, also sports an automatic movement albeit of the Japanese Miyota kinetic type. Even though the precision is inferior to the Swiss giant watchmaker’s, for the regular human user, this is not a sticking point as the watch works perfectly and keeps perfect time. A two second loss per day doesn’t count for much deviation. There’s no replica Rolex Air King watch video review that will make a serious issue out of a replica watch’s movement as long as it’s good enough.Rolex-Air-King-Replica-Watch-768x517

As you can see from this replica Air King video review by now, there’s no better view to appreciate the stunning polished beauty of this watch than from the back. This fake Rolex Air King review would not be complete without mentioning the highly polished stainless steel bracelet with the Rolex devised mechanism that allows the wearer to extend the length of the bracelet by up to 5mm if so desired without having to visit a watch repairman.

This brings us to the conclusion of the replica Air King video review. Obviously, this watch is lacking in a lot of functionality but what it does have, it does very well. Many people don’t even know what a chronograph is or ever use it. Most people never really forget the date too. What everybody needs is to be able to tell the time and this is where this watch focuses on. Based on this replica Rolex Air King watch review, I give the watch a rating of 9.5 out of 10. It’s a really nice watch if you’re minimalist and on a budget.


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