Breitling is a Swiss manufacturer of replica watches and the are many replica Breitling models available at With headquarters in Grenchen and founded in Saint-Imier. The company produces watches continuously since 1884. Breitling produces mainly chronometer – certified watches with a pilot inspired design. The emphasis is on relatively large watches, like with chronograph. Breitling provides both mechanical and Quartz watches. I love Breitling watches and I have found many nice Breitling replicas online at

All real Breitling watches are manufactured in Switzerland and almost all replicas are made in China, with mainly Swiss / Chinese components. Movements are often purchased from ETA (for expensive replicas). The real have Valjoux and adapted and/or adorned in Breitling’s own workshops. All movements used in Breitling watches goes through a certifying process by COSC.transocean-223x300

It has become increasingly difficult to find replica Breitling watches at Aliexpress because it is not legal for the sellers to advertise them there. However, I have found a reliable shop there which sells all the different models and the quality and prices are good! The name of the shop is Top-watches-Lin and I have bought an excellent Breitling Bentley replica there. However, the shop has, since I wrote this post removed their Breathing watches but you can chat with the shop owner and he can send you pictures of the watches. Here is a link to a cheaper replica Breitling Bentley watch.

Other models available at this seller are the Navitimer, Avenger, Chronomat, Certifie and the Transocean watch. If they are not displayed in his shop, use the chat function, and he will have some pictures for you to see.

The watches are superb knockoffs and come with sapphire glass and the feeling of them is really good. They weigh the same as the original and I guess the only real difference is the clockwork inside. It is a quite reasonable quartz clockwork that comes with the replica Breitlings though.

If you buy more than one watch, I would spend the little extra on using Fedex delivery for the watch. Then you will have it fast and safe. I Last I would like to list some more good Replica watch vendors, so if you know any, please let me know.

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