Among luxury sports replica watches, popular choices include pilot watches, dive watches, nautical watches, and race-inspired chronograph replica watches. Today, however, we’re looking at a space watch — the Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” chronograph. While there are so many versions of the Omega Speedmaster that have no ties to space exploration, it’s the Moonwatch that’s undoubtedly the most famous Speedmaster of them all.

That comes as no surprise of course since the Speedmaster has the distinction of being the first watch to make it to the moon on Buzz Aldrin’s wrist. Since 1969, Omega has continuously celebrated this feat with a steady stream of new iterations of the legendary Moonwatch, including the Speedmaster ref. 3570.50. In fact, the Speedmaster ref. 3570.50 is one of the closest to original Moonwatch model. Let’s take a look at the awesome Omega replica collection they have introduced.

Buzz Aldrin has made the Omega Speedmaster a replica watch that truly stands out.

Buzz Aldrin has made the Omega Speedmaster a replica watch that truly stands out.

Which Speedmaster is the Original Moonwatch replica?

When Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon during the historic moon landing in 1969, he left his Omega Speedmaster ref. ST105.012 (issued by NASA) on the Apollo 11 Eagle Lunar Module as a back up for the malfunctioning onboard clock. On the other hand Buzz Aldrin had his Omega Speedmaster ref. ST105.012 strapped around his space suit when he stepped onto the moon.Continue reading

This year is the 60th anniversary of the Speedmaster Replica, and you can bet we’re going to be talking about it from now until December 31. There’s no way Omega lets this one slip by without some serious fanfare and some awesome watches. Hot on the heels of its latest release, the limited edition Speedmaster “Speedy Tuesday,” Omega Replica has decided to announce another Speedmaster, this time in the automatic range. Meet the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Automatic Master Chronometer.


The Replica Speedmaster Moonwatch Automatic Master Chronometer

The Fake Speedmaster Automatic Master Chronometer looks, well, like a Speedmaster. This variation is a two-register chronograph with a matte black “racing dial,” distinguished by the minute track which is based on an early Speedmaster model from 1968, and which we last saw in the re-issue of the Mark II. It’s loosely inspired by the collection’s past, although it’s noticeably larger at 44.25mm across. Omega is saying that it’s thinner than previous watches in the collection due to changes in the sapphire crystal, though no actual thickness measurement is available yet.

The watch also has vivid orange accents throughout, with the “tachymetre” on the bezel, the Speedmaster logo on the dial, luminous dots outside the white gold hour markers, and some of the hands all rendered in the bright color. That bezel, by the way, is polished ceramic and the tachymeter markers are brushed Liquidmetal, which means they’ve been injected into the ceramic for staying power and a nicer finish.


Omega replica has created a Speedmaster that is mindful of its past

The size of the small seconds subdial at nine o’clock and the dual 12-hour and 60-minute chronograph recorder at three o’clock has also increased ever so slightly for better legibility. Otherwise, it’s a pretty recognizable modern Speedy. And that’s certainly not a bad thing.

The watch is powered by Omega’s relatively new self-winding caliber 9900, a movement debuted in the new Planet Ocean Chronograph last year which is approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Meteorology (METAS), hence the Master Chronometer certification. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again and again – it’s nice to see Omega pushing on the chronometry and technology fronts in addition to creating stylish watches. The quality goes all the way through on these and that’s awesome.


omega replica

The watch comes on a leather racing strap, with small perforations revealing orange highlights that match those on the watch itself. We’ll get a chance to handle this one in a few months at Baselworld, and it has us anxious to see what other anniversary Speedmasters Omega has waiting for us.

Pricing has not yet been set for this watch, but it will likely be in line with other Speedmasters in the current collection.

For more information, visit Omega online.

Fake Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronograph Video Review

In the replica review blog for today, I’ll be doing an Omega Speedmaster replica video review. This is a watch that is somewhat similar to the Breitling Avenger Seawolf when you look at all the features it has and the general design. However, what makes this high quality fake Omega watches Speedmaster Racing Chronograph stand out is that it instantly makes a statement when you wear it, as it catches the eye much more easily. It is really a very good mix between sportiness and class. So, let’s get on with this Omega replica watches Speedmaster Racing video review.


Replica Watches Omega Speedmaster

Looks and Feel

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One of my friends recently received his Omega Replica Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award and I was eager to review it. I have a Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy so it was a great opportunity for me to compare these two watches and see which one is better. From a fist look I can say I like them both, but let’s get into details.

The Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award was created to commemorates the 45th anniversary and the Silver Snoopy award given for the Speedmaster Moon Watch, by NASA. The Speedmaster Moon watch has helped the Apollo 13 mission return to Earth safely after an explosion in space. To sum it up, the Omega watch played a significant role in the mission. The oxygen tank blew up on the spacecraft’s way to the moon, so its electrical system wasn’t working anymore. The Speedmaster had a crucial role as it has helped to time the re-entry procedures.
The first limited-edition Snoopy Award Speedmaster was released in 2003 and it was a hit. There have been created only 1970 Silver Snoopy Award watches. So, when you can get a replica that looks just like it and you pay significantly less, that’s a great deal. It’s unusual for Omega to use a white dial, but the result looks excellent.
For those that cannot make the connection between Snoopy, the dog from the Peanuts comic strip, and Nasa, it was co-opted by NASA to be their safety mascot for the Apollo program.

Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award – General Outlook

Snoopy Dial replica View

Snoopy Dial replica View

The dial on this Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award looks very cool. It’s beautiful crisp white dial and a period-correct. If you look closely at it,  you will see Snoopy sleeping in the running seconds subdial at 9 o’clock. Right next to him it’s written: “Failure is not an option”. I am not an emotional person, but I must say that this is an inspiring quote from the 1995 Ron Howard film Apollo 13, especially if you’re thinking about the mission. Next to the first 14 seconds on the dial which are highlighted, you can read the following:  “What could you do in 14 seconds?” For those that aren’t aware of this, it’s a reference to the 14-second course correction that 13 crew timed and managed to correct their return trajectory. The white dial is completed by a black bezel and markers that feature a dark center with a luminous surround. I must say that this dial looks identical to the original one. The strap is made from leather. The only difference I see is on the back of the case. Instead of having another representation of Snoopy on it, you can see the CheapSpeedmaster logo. Luckily, not many will notice that.

Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award- Movement

Backside Silver Snoopy Award

Backside Silver Snoopy Award

This Omega Swiss replica Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award watch is powered by Japanese quartz movement. From what I noticed, it keeps a good time. Many replica Omega watches come with this kind of movements. As I see it, it’s always a relief to know that you can leave the watch aside for a day or two without having to worry about the power reserve getting consumed as it happens with many of the automatic/kinetic watches. Also, the seconds hand has a ticking motion, not a  sweeping one, but it’s hard to see it because it’s one of the small subdials, If you want to see a sweeping motion,  you can simply start the chrono.

Omega Replica Watches- The Fold

Omega replica Snoopy Side View

Omega replica Snoopy Side View

Overall, this watch was a great buy. The friend that got it asked me for a website that he can order it from and I suggested him one. As I knew it would happen, he received an excellent Omega Replica Speedmaster Professional Snoopy Award and he seems to be very pleased with it. After checking it too, I can say that the dial looks identical to the original one. The size and weight feel good too. It seems to be sturdy and resistant. Also, the leather strap confirms that it will stand the test of time. There were only 1970 Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award watches made so it would have been close to impossible to get one. Luckily, that’s what Omega replica watches are for, so you can get even the limited edition ones.