The Transitional Third: The Replica GMT-Master ref. 16750

Then there were three… In our next chapter of our look at the Replica GMT-Master collection—where we previously discussed the ref. 6542 and the ref. 1675—we now check out the ref. 16750. In 1981 Rolex debuted the third GMT-Master, the ref. 16750. Considered a transitional reference, the GMT-Master 16750 was in production for less than a… Read More »

New Swiss Arrivals – Luxury Replica Watches

Luxury replica watches were not always synonymous with Swiss. They had to earn that reputation over a three hundred year period of time during which first the Germans, then the French and English and even the Americans dominated. What the Swiss had which the Industrial Age took away from the others was a system of… Read More »

Breitling Replica Bentley Motors Reviews

All Breitling replica reviews get me wired, maybe more than any other kind of review. If this is not the first time you’re reading my blog, you should know by now that these are some of my favorite watches. I dig their butch and manly looks, and I’m always after fresh designs. Probably the most… Read More »

The Rolex Replica Submariner Video Review

It’s no secret that I just love Rolex watches. You are always assured of the best replica reviews and I’m excited to be doing a replica Submariner video review today. This Rolex Submariner watch comes in so many different variants so I’ll be focusing on the replica Rolex Submariner two tone black dial which you can… Read More »

Breitling Replica Transocean Photo Review

Breitling make some of the most eye-catching watches. But I thought I would try something more classy and vintage looking from the Breitling replicas for sale collection this time. Something you could gift your father for his birthday or for some anniversary. I have settled for the Breitling replica Transocean as I think it has just… Read More »